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As described in our previous introductory article, the case is capital-intensive construction. The complex network of the recipient there, take a large amount of money at different stages of the process, make the financial control of all the most important of these is that, ultimately the most reasonable cost, the owner lead to the best value for money. Like other businesses, control of construction costs, the following key accounting tools are required to be successful.

Welcome To Construction ManagementWelcome To Construction Management

Budget: This refers to the projection of the anticipated total cost of construction. Budget will be guaranteed to have a clear understanding of the task at hand one. It is intended to ensure that the position to mobilize sufficient funds to fund the process from start to finish by the owner. Construction budget, or build houses ambitious realtors, consultants from time to approach in their desire to build a dream of building or any resort they may have, a variety of done in stages. First, it is vague estimates based on ordinary experience, and, for example, 3 bedroomed house has so many thousand dollars. If this amount can be mobilized to the owner, the design is done. Upon completion, quantity surveyors, bill of quantities (BoQ), an itemized schedule of costs, such as your shopping list according to the store just to prepare. This top is usually the amount of emergency (a very likely event) is a diagram of all estimated to absorb the changes that may occur.

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Revised Budget· enlightened on the current rate when you shop, you can adjust the budget in the future. Similarly, in the course of construction, estimated cost of BoQ bid will be adjusted to fit the situation. Incidental expenses are clearly drawn, as such, it has been is easier to project the final cost. This is called the evaluation is done periodically to update the financial situation of the construction. Report: We always we are whether we and others are responsible for what money. At the end of this month, look back at yourself, perhaps it should not do anything off this balance might be, allocate any money for months how to use the internet. Similarly, when construction is complete, have an obligation to answer the three questions consider the accounting of all financial inputs under construction.

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Buy List : BoQ, the contractors involved in construction or, in this case, with the aim to select the most appropriate store to buy from, be subjected to a bidding process. Contractors offers the best competition and (in most cases, the lowest) is selected. The winning bid cost is the sum of the construction contracts will have to form a benchmark cost for all the money paid for the construction of the facility in question.

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Receipt · As with all purchases, receipts depicting the actual cost of items sold. Construction, a certificate (the payment of any part or stage based on the time frame for completion) will be paid in the form. These payments are the actual cost of the process. In most cases there are deviations from the budget, this is because there both for the future, providing the most reliable information on cost.

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What money has been entered..... I went where the money.......How much remains.......

When this is done, because it had better cost control, the process is to be considered. Their money is at stake it is the end, that cost control is important to note that the responsibility of the owner. Depending on the scope of their involvement, appointing a consultant to the right. This is a consultant for the project costs range from large-scale integration of the project's medium. These consultants in place, even in the back, the owner stops.

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