Fundamental Elements of Modern Home Interior Design - IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

If you want a house with chic, clean lines and a fresh, updated feel, you will probably enjoy the look of an ultra-modern home interior design. The primary benefit of this type of design is that it offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to colors, fabrics and decorations that you can use, making it easy for you to come up with an overall look that is truly your own.

The trademark look of modern home interior design is that of class and elegance without the frills and extravagance that designs of previous decades are known for. On the contrary, the furniture and architecture used in modern home interior design are very simple, to the point of being quite minimalist. The colors are very solid as well, and the shapes are mostly geometrical. Intricate designs and lavishly ornamental pieces are very rarely, if ever, found in modern home interior design.

A Contemporary Look

Most of the appliances and furniture used in modern design are made from a combination of stainless steel, glass, plastic and leather, making for a very contemporary look. However, wood elements are also a nice addition to any modern room. The rich, dark tones of walnut and mahogany can soften the atmosphere in the area and they complement the coldness of metal and other modern materials.

Speaking of metal, no modern home interior design is complete without its share of metallic elements. Stainless steel in undoubtedly the most popular choice today, perhaps because of the relatively low cost, but there are also other metals that work effectively in a modern environment. Brushed nickel cabinet handles and chrome floor lamps for instance, are always excellent highlights. In general, any metal that is sleek and shiny will be a perfect fit in any modern home.

Modern Theme Color

Color is another important factor that one should consider when designing a room or a home with a modern theme. A lot of people think that neutral colors are the best choice when it comes to modern design, but this doesn't always have to be the case. You can stick with a beige or gray wall but you can offset the coldness of this hue by bringing in a deep red couch or adding royal blue drapes to your windows. These colors will not take away from the modern look of the room at all, but they can certainly add much-needed drama to the area.

The best thing about modern home interior design is that it is so easy to maintain and so comfortable to live in. This is probably the reason why millions of people prefer this kind of design today.

Engaging Technology is Key to the Future of Great Interior Design - IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

With nearly four out of five Americans online visiting sites, the internet clearly represents an increasingly important channel for design studios. Technology is in constant evolution and we want to explore ways to make it easy for customers to engage and get inspired and eventually translate and change their homes with our help.

For us these are the most inspirational times because it pushes us to make things everyday and to make things very simple for our customers to understand and at the same time provide them with the right tools to achieve a great environment. Many interior design firms and studios have great interior design services online such as: design styles centers, paint color palettes, paint techniques, room planners, furniture recommendations and customized floor plans which clients could access and engage via the internet, but more importantly these services are affordable most for a fraction of the price you would pay for a traditional interior design on site service.

We find that many customers go to the web to find inspiration and to engage in conversation. The intersection of creativity and technology creates a great venue for providing great interior design services, with easy to follow tools and many inspirations at affordable prices. We find that most customers that lean towards online services are looking for services from a professional interior designer and are willing to engage in some of the work themselves. Many do it yourself types find that getting recommendations and guidance of a professional designers is a key to achieving the look there are after and if budget is a factor this is a great alternative to creating the interior they always wanted.

We know that consumers are being very careful about their spending and online studios offer a great service that is affordable while working with their client budget. An despite the challenges facing interior designers, many are finding that by extending with confidence great interior design services online they could offer unique propositions at budget friendly prices, while engaging in a straight forward culture, to be open to new ideas, constant improvement, and team work they offer great interior design accessible to anybody.

In the end, we like to shop. But with people spending more time in their home or working from home, more will choose to make their home more beautiful and functional to best suit their lifestyles. Many will surf the web for their next room makeover or home renovation and we are excited for the creative design process of a client space and homes via the internet.

Challenging times spark creativity, ingenuity and months ahead show great promise. Digital innovations now offer us myriad opportunities to provide astonishing amounts of ideas and information online, interactive tools, and powerful dialogue online. Moving forward, we will continue to showcase stylish lives and dazzling spaces.

Distinctive Features of Residential Interior Design - IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

When someone talks about residential interior design, they are referring to a number of factors incorporated into any decor. Factors include minor features such as floor coverings, lighting and windows treatments as well as major features such as furniture and wall decor. 

When all of these are blended together to produce a coordinated and harmonious result, a pleasing interior is achieved. Any one factor that does not mesh well with the others can throw a whole room off. The principles are the same for both residential and commercial interior design yet the purpose is different for each type. Commercial interiors are more focused on functionality while residential interior designs are focused more on livability.

Large scale features in a room are essential to all interiors. For wall coverings, look for such things as texture, color and visual aspect. Lighter colors tend to reflect light while darker colors absorb it. For a small room, go with light walls and use darker colors for accent pieces. When choosing furniture, make sure you take scale and proportion into consideration and allow your personality to shine through with the finish and coverings. This will allow your room to achieve a harmonious balance.

Let your individuality shine through with accessories in a room. Lighting is a major feature in any area so take some time choosing yours. Window treatments should coordinate with your furnishings while still allowing you to play with fabrics, textures and styles. Accessories can make or break a room. Choose carefully to ensure an accessory fits the overall decor while still allowing your personality to shine through. By coordinating colors and finishes throughout a room, you can adhere to interior design essentials while still allowing the room to fulfill its purpose yet pleasing to you.

Sticking to basic interior design concepts is important no matter which project you are tackling. When designing a commercial interior design, organization and functionality will take top priority to ensure an efficient work area. Yet, the overall effect does not have to be stark and dismal. It can still be an area that people wish to congregate in just by following these principles. Residential interior design may actually be the more challenging of the two as you have to take into account what the room will be used for along with the personalities of all who will be using it. Yet with either type of space, by following these guidelines you can have an area to be proud of.

Finding Your Home Interior Design Style - IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

There are many distinctive schools and styles of home interior design. There is a design to cater to every style, from the basic country kitchens and cottage bedrooms to the over the top Art Deco and more formal English styles. More often than not, our homes display a patchwork of different interests, cultures, styles, and ideals. Most people employ a professional interior design company to redo their homes as it can be hard to harmonize a style yourself.

Have you ever entered a room or home that evokes emotions or memories? A real sense of peace and happiness overwhelms you as soon as you enter the room. Why do you feel this way? Is it the decor, the furniture, the rugs, or the architecture? Generating this atmosphere for each room is the mission of a home interior design professional. Determining which interior design trends speak to you is the first step toward transforming your space.

Whether it is bold or subtle, funky or classy, flashy or plain, home design can be any of these and more. In order to build the ideal environment, it can be a lifelong collection of distinctive pieces; you do not have to create the perfect room overnight. As people grow older, they usually spend less time at work and more time at home, so they focus on making their living space more comfortable, more relaxing, and more in line with their psychological needs.

The style is truly in the details when it comes to home interior - design. To create a harmonized home, everything from paint color and architecture, down to light fixtures and furniture choices, are all considerations to factor in. Typically, selecting a style starts by evaluating the outside of the house. You must pick if you want modern or classic design, or an American or more European approach. In order to make your visions of home renovation a reality, a professional interior designer can help you.

Besides the styles discussed above, you may find some interior - design services offering "Feng Shui." This type of home interior design is based on the principle that how you arrange objects in your home, the color palette you choose, and how you position interior spaces can boost how you feel and help you meet your goals. Feng Shui involves the addition of natural elements and getting rid of clutter. The ultimate goal is feeling at peace and happy in your own space, regardless of which custom designs you select.