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When talking about Singapore Interior Design and of course the industry in general, it is quite interesting to look at the legacy of house and homes in Singapore and how that has changed over the years. For one thing, the influences of the houses of early years her, if one realises, and looks at the entire lay of the land, will see that of course, it is a very colonial brush that has been applied to the entire palate of what we can call new Singapore.
Nowadays, we can still see the remnants of this here and about, as some of the city is still within the preserved regions of Singapore. Colonial design for interior design is very classic and very Victorian, as most of the brickwork and even materials used were transported, in some sense, from the British that came here not long ago.  

One thing that needs to be realised is that while this is the cornerstone and distinct identity of post colonial Singapore, what needs to be realised is that much has changed over the years. With the global village concept coming to a head and Singapore capitalising on its connectivity to the rest of the world, plenty of influences have come in to change the landscape of interior design. For one thing, as Singapore lunges into modernity and contemporary thinking, what we can see is that since the 80's, many of the interior design and architecture were demandingly modern, in the sense of the spaces, the shapes and the sizes of many of the new houses and apartments that came up.

The concept of the condominium was perhaps one of the more interesting bulkheads of how interior design became modern. And how this has applied is that it has created these boxes where interior designs saw a vacuum and lunged in to fill it. As we can see, many of the interior design ideas that has pervaded this century, and I suspect, for many more years to come, will be the modern home. The modern home is a loose concept that can be stretched quite horizontally across the regions of design ideas. Modern means crisp and clean design, with a much more concentrated effort on spaces and clean living areas. In fact, there is a leaning towards a more minimalist ideal when thinking about the more contemporary homes here in Singapore.

For one thing, we cannot also just say that this is the trend. Looking at some of the more startling homes in Singapore reveals that Singapore Interior Design is very much a leech in the sense that it absorbs all sorts of influences, and we being a metropolis, fuses them together for some creative collections. European influences come together with Asian touches, and so on and so forth, and this is the trend that we can be expecting for many years to come. If you do need more information on the whole region of Singapore Interior Design, then the few design magazines in Singapore would be a great start.