Fireplace Design Ideas

Fireplace Design IdeasFireplace Design Ideas

You are about fireplace design ideas or information are trying to find some inspiration? Some basic elements of fire are described in order in general, in order to come up with a complete design of the fireplace, there is. There are three main components in the design of any fireplace.

The three main components in the design of the fireplace, hearth, and contains the type of openings that are used during the room where the fireplace is located and the Firebox and Firebox. The furnace generally is an area outside of the Firebox. The Firebox is the area where the fire burns itself.

Sunken hearth

Let's first talk about the hearth of. The furnace was raised to the same height above the floor and the floor may be sunk to the bottom or from the floor. In addition, to the story in all likelihood have no hearth. In these cases the Firebox as being intended to protect the floor from the heat of the furnace fires must be at least 2 inches above the floor.

Another type of hearth can include hearth seats of various kinds. The most popular type of traditional hearth fireplace and seats are on both sides of the opening of the Firebox, and types are characterized by just two blocks.


As with furnaces, mainly located in the relative height from the floor related to the furnace and / or different types are generally the Firebox. Firebox, the Firebox flash is raised there is the same height as the floor, where the Firebox is dropped lower than the floor and / or in front of the fireplace and furnace.

Opening of the fireplace

Of course, the type that is most widely used in the opening of the fireplace is a rectangular opening. Rectangle: Generally, a rectangular opening is just possibly. However, in the rectangular opening, the side is usually flare outward toward the face of the fireplace from the Firebox.

Straight sides, opening stupa still has openings at the top of a flat arch shape with a slight arch. Similar to the traditional rectangular opening, the side is usually flare outward toward the face of the fireplace from the Firebox.

There is a full arch of the fireplace opening does not contain a straight line with no openings. These types of fireplace opening, continuous curve that has one of the fireplace opening all around. This is an open type are used to seeing in the American Southwest-style fireplace probably.

The fireplace is also a corner of the fireplace opening to allow the presence of two open sides. As the name suggests, the opening of the corner fireplace is located is exposed to all corners of the Firebox.
Fireplace Design Ideas