Interior Design Ideas - How to Buy Unique Furniture For Your Home Or Office -IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

You want your home or office unique and fitting just to you? In California Bay Area there is a lack of furniture stores. There are big box stores, but it all seems to look alike. Everyone can buy that stuff. How do you make your interiors unique and special, just for you?
  • Determine your stylee: In order to get interior furnishings that reflect you, you need to determine what your style is. Start in each room and ask these questions:Is the room formal or casual? What casual fabrics do I like? Leather, suede, or cotton? What formal fabrics do I like? Silks, metallic, brocades? What texture do I like? The more texture, the more casual. Smooth texture for more formality? What shapes do I like? Do I like curves and softer furnishings or do I like angular more modern items? Am I a traditional, modern or unconventional person?
  • Look at designer furniture - The designer furnishings are not usually available directly to the public. The designer is used to working with these companies and can help you fine tune each piece to fit you. The advantages of the designer furnishings is that each piece is not sold in bulk. You will not see the pieces elsewhere. You can usually use the exact fabric you love and have it put on the piece of furniture. You can choose the exact finish, color or metal detail color. And you can detail it any way you want to make it go with your decor. This is the way to get the designer look. When putting together a design, I know that I will not find these pieces in the stores just as I need them. The chances of finding something with just the right color, texture, detailing and look that I want is pretty slim. 
  • Add your details - The main details are mentioned above like color, texture, shapes and style. But you can get even more detailed. How about adding contrasting welts, the cording on a piece of furniture or pillow, so you have 2 colors on your furniture piece? How about bead trim on your pillows or a fringe that brings out just the exact colors you want?Try fringe or beads in your exact colors on your draperies. What else can add you touch? The examples are endless. You can even print a picture on canvas and put it on a chair. Now that is unique...
What are your ideas? Please comment and put some of them below. It is fun to be a unique as you are and show it in your home or office? What are some of the ways that you have thought about doing that?