Tips on Decorating Small Rooms - IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

Some people claim that tiny spaces (whether living or working quarters) should not take a lot of time or money in beautifying them. As a result, most of the areas are only habitable but not beautified. It does not have to be an expensive or mind boggling affair. First, you can work with the furniture and items in the area instead of purchasing more. This will depend with the use of the area. For instance, a bedroom that also functions like an office will have a bed, working desk, a computer, chest of drawers, dresser and a wardrobe. If the furniture is not adequate for comfort and efficiency, then you need to consider purchasing some more. In this case, let us assume you have enough furniture. You need to set the utility of the space so that you can partition it accordingly. When you have that sorted, the next step in decorating small rooms is to remove any furniture or item that does not add value to the space. You might have several packing boxes, broken apparatus, shoes, broken furniture and other items. These may be stashed in a corner of the area or under furniture. If they are items that can be repaired, place them in boxes marked repair; others should go to the dustbin. You can decide to participate in the estate jumbo sale incase and earn money from things you do not need anymore.
Back to decorating small rooms; have a color scheme. Since you want to give each side of the area its own theme, you can look for a softer shade of a dark tone for one side and use a light color on the other side. For instance, you can have a blue theme for the bed area and contrast this with white for the office area. The main aim in choosing the colors is to give an illusion of size. The light colors give the illusion of a large space and this is what you are aiming for. On a different perspective, if your space cannot increase horizontally, you can always give an illusion of a large space if you go vertical. This means you can enhance your ceiling with moldings, lights or beams. The moldings come in different sizes and shapes and they will make the joint between the wall and the ceiling attractive. You can look for the same color as the wall or a dark one.
Another accessory that will work well is a mirror. You can get several and place them on the blank walls. This accessory is especially useful in the bathroom or in the narrow house corridors. You can also have one on the bedroom wall to act as your dressing mirror and at the same time, assist in enlarging the room. If you can get quality paintings, you can fix them on the wall but you need to avoid littering the wall. Choose sufficient lighting systems because dark spaces indicate the minuteness of the area. The main thing that can assist in decorating small rooms is making sure the space is adequate, the lighting is sufficient, the furniture is comfortable and at the right place, and the people are satisfied.