The Dual Nature of Interior Design - IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

The interior design one's home is a form of art in and of its self. While there may be times that thinking about what to place where and how to do it could be daunting task, the art of designing the interiors of one's home could be a very enjoyable task if you know how to divide its dual nature of simplicity and complexity. Please be reminded that this article is written for the benefit of single people living in their own home alone, and not for couples, or for families, or any other group of people living under the same roof.

The art of interior design, for the homeowner, has its own dual properties of being both complex and simple. Designing the interior of homes could be complex when the designer, especially when it is the owner himself, considers too many factors. Those factors being said could be the worrying of what his visitors' impression might be. Another one is that the owner of the house might be worried about whether or not the materials being considered as part of the interior design are actually suited for the house itself. It is also possible that the owner is so worried on how he or she could make the interior of his home reflect his true personality. To make this easier to understand, the art of interior designing becomes very complex once the designer, especially if it is the homeowner himself, tries to understand - in terms of words - what his designs should be and when he worries about the impression of others.

On the other side, interior designing becomes a simple and very enjoyable thing to do when one considers only very few yet very essential factors. Like any other artists, especially painters and sculptors, their work becomes very simple when they follow their instincts and emotions. This kind of attitude, along with the clarity of knowing one's tastes, yields very pleasing results, if not spectacular. This means that when what you have considered as part of the design felt good and comfortable, then your consideration is probable the best choice. To further strengthen this kind of intuition, one should also be able to clarify his own personal preferences, which should be the first stem when it comes to designing. This is prescription of it should be is based under the principle that whatever pleases one's self is a reflection of his true personality.

As it was said earlier, designing is a form of art. Also, first and foremost, art is a way of expressing one's self and reflecting upon with it from the artist to the art work and vice-versa. The design of a home, or any other establishment, should be first considered in this way before considering how one's interior design should please others. Also, as a great artist have once said, a beautiful work of art comes from and will always come from a well-balanced mind which comes the clarity of mind and its harmony with the heart.