The Many Faces of Decorative Shelves - IDEA INTERIOR DESIGN

The decorative shelves for the walls that you know are actually available in various styles and materials. They can be made from wood, complete with scrolled supports, or probably glass shelves that have contemporary supports made from brushed nickel or even something that is made from wrought iron. In reality, the kind of d├ęcor that you have will be your basis as to what kind of decorative shelves will look perfect for your home.

One kind of these decorative shelves are the contemporary ones that will work well with the homes that are more modern and sparsely furnished. Typically, their lines are angular and simple and they are usually made from the darker kinds of woods, chromes or glasses. You can find some wine shelves that are in espresso or black wood that can hold the wine in a horizontal way from the rear to the front, with small circular cutouts that will hold your bottles in the right place.

Meanwhile, the traditional styles are more leant on the classics and they have already been available for a century already. Decorative shelves that are in this style are usually made from mahogany, cherry and they can also be made from oak. These kinds of shelves have molding trim like the curved and dentil and sometimes, they also have carvings on their front. If you think that the classic decoration trend is more appealing as compared to the modern one, then you can use it.

The best part in home decoration is that there are no rules to follow and it would be your preferences to prevail. So, that means that whatever theme you choose, it will be perfect as long as you will consider budget and balance.

Meanwhile, the Asian styling boasts of bamboo, woven wood, rattan and as well as fretwork. The country shelves on the other hand, are commonly seen in those houses which feature Americana accessories or those houses which have looks that are more primitive. As for the styles of the European or Old World, they usually come in the woods that are softer such as pine and they also have curved shelves, trim and supports made from wrought iron and even crude carving sometimes.

These are the many faces of decorative shelves. Now that you already know them, there is no more point for you to stick in your plain, old and boring home design. So, get the right accessories for your home now.